Best Hunting Rifle Sling

The best perk of owning a rifle sling is that you have still had access to your rifle in an instant while also having a great way to carry it hands-free. Just slip it over your shoulder, and you still have your hands available for calling birds, using binoculars, and much more. By looking through the ones below, we will find you the one that gives you the support needed, the comfort, and accessibility.

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What is a Rifle Sling?

A sling is a convenient way for any hunter to carry their firearm and even assist with making a steady shot by creating a stable perch without having anywhere to lean. By attaching it to your body or across your body, you can be hands-free to use your binoculars, eat on the go to replenish your energy, or even pick up your catch of the day. 

While it can certainly be challenging to balance a firearm and all luggage safely, a sling removes any accidents from carrying too much in your hands. There are many types of slings, and each one has a different purpose.

A simple/traditional sling is the oldest style you can choose from; it attaches at the front and rear of the weapon and acts as a carrier for your gun while alleviating the strain of carrying a 300lb firearm.

CW sling serves not only as a carrying strap but also as an aid to assist the shooter in making a steadier shot. The ideal sling for someone who wants added stability without added weight. The two-point quick-adjusting sling is very similar to the traditional sling but with an easy to pull tab that adjusts with speed. 

By adjusting quickly, you can change positions without compromising your shot, and you can do it safely without dropping your weapon. A three-point sling acts more like a harness than a sling. Being strapped straight to the shooter, you can perform other tasks hands-free without worrying about the strap slipping or gun dropping. 

The shooter's body and the rear and front of the weapon give the three-point sling its name. You can find the perfect fit, perfect security, and perfect sling for your hunting style with so many choices. If you need hands-free, then the 3-point design is the one for you, or if you need to take some of that weight off your shoulders, then I would suggest the traditional one-point sling.

Boosteady Two Point Rifle Gun Sling

The Boosteady is an excellent camouflage printed sling that will provide comfort, ease of movement, and reliability. Having been designed with the most serious outdoorsman in mind, this is every hunter's dream; holding up to 300lbs, it can take a lot of strain, which will make your hunt a lot easier. 

While the Boosteady boasts such a significant weight load, the straps and clasps are designed to be long-lasting and never fail. Even though it will hold 300lbs, it reduces the felt weight by anywhere up to 50%, meaning you will feel lighter than ever. 

The locking swivels attach to the gun with ease and are made from high-quality steel to ensure they stay strong and maintain their hold. The comfort and range of motion with this sling have been rigorously designed to provide easy adjustments and fast rifle removal. 

Mil-spec swivel offers all of these features and does it with such ease that you will wonder why you’ve just been carrying it around for so long. Expandable up to 45 inches, this is suitable to any sized hunter and rifle; adjust the length on the go to change your carry style rapidly whenever you need to. 

With the strap being anti-chaff, you will never have to worry about it catching on clothing or causing any discomfort while on long walks. Polymer composite with a high impact promise is shown to be reliable for years to come; it will survive all weather and dirt so that you can take it with you everywhere. 

Sharkskin neoprene fabric parts provide durability like no other material and ensure that you aren't buying a new sling every two months. With multiple strap designs to choose from, you can pick the camouflage that suits your environment; whether it is in the forest, fields, or snowy peaks, there is a sling for you.

Butler Creek Rifle Sling

Boasting to be the most comfortable sling on the market, the Butler Creek is a thick padded, stretchable sling created to prevent fatigue when using it for long periods. The soft and flexible closed neoprene and the comfort stretch backing by Butler Creek maximize your comfort at all times. 

The sling is also fitted with non-slip grips to keep it from slipping when on your shoulder; designed to stay even when wet, you don't have to worry about readjusting your grip every few steps. 

As with all slings, they are created to reduce the felt weight of any weapon, and the Butler Creek is said to reduce the weight you feel by up to 40%; that is a massive amount when looking at a 200lbs rifle. This sling is available in various colors to match the environment, and also, you can choose to have it with or without swivels so you can customize it to how you feel best.

Allen Company Rifle Swing

Allen Company provides extensive testing of each product they produce, including their rifle swing; designed purely for hunters, the sling is swivel tested up to 300lbs for that easy transition mid hunt. Using one hand benefits the user by allowing for more freedom of movement and the quick, fluid pull into action. 

Heavy-duty web sling material creates out-of-this-world durability; being 1-inch thick, it is on the border of being indestructible. Weather-resistant and accent stitched with the nubuck leather face; this is a stylish and sturdy sling that you would be lucky to take on the hunt. 

Many riflemen will tell you that the sling can sometimes create noise due to its parts turning, and it often can ruin that perfect moment. Well, Allen Company thought about that exact issue and eradicated it. 

A cleated tread grip back allows for silent movements, eliminating any noise related to the sling itself. With its grip overall, it won't slip when it is in use; it stays exactly where you feel is comfortable.

Fuwok Gun Sling

A 2 point adjustable sling is 100% handmade with high-density polyester nylon and paracord for a lifetime of durability and safe shooting. Thirty-three inches - 44.3 inches, this adjustable sling has a great range to suit almost anyone; change its sitting to give the comfort you need when being out in the bush all day.

It can be used with most rifles, crossbows, and even shotguns, making it almost universal with its adjustable length, and with its QD swivels, you have no worries about it breaking. The best feature of this sling is actually that being a sling is not its best feature.

Being multi-purposeful and extremely resourceful is the backbone of this creation; it could provide you with a life-saving opportunity. It is designed to be uncoiled to give up to 20 meters of cord that you can use as a survival rope, tent tie-down, arm sling, and even a tourniquet in an emergency. 

Using this as a safety rope, you can still use this as a sling as it is still complete even after being unraveled. 

With all of its functions and abilities, you can have the peace of mind needed to go further and know that you have the life-saving equipment and a strong sling for your longest hunts yet. Be sure to try it; since the Amazon 30 day return policy covers it, you can return if it isn't right for you.

Blue Force Gear Vicker’s Combat Sling

This combat sling is made in the United States with a retired Army veteran, Larry Vickers. So not only is it made by an excellent company that proves time and time again how well it knows the market, but also it is made by someone who has experience with exactly what is needed by the consumer. 

Every single one is built right in the USA, and only high-quality materials are used. While the design is simple and, unfortunately, is no quick release, it is incredibly durable and easy to switch between a combat-ready and a slung rifle. 

With its swift adjuster still patent-pending, it is trying to lead the market by revolutionizing its components; already, it has been shown to be a master at creating pieces that can be used worldwide in combat. 

Having been made with an exceptionally experienced veteran, they are designed to feel like they should always have been a part of the hunt. 

Attached with a Triglide rather than your standard lock loop, this has even more security when attaching your weapon of choice; a lot sturdier and a much more sleek design. While it is at the higher end of the market, it is worth its weight in its ability to protect your weapon.

Magpul MS1 Padded Sling

With the MS1 Slider being at the very heart of creating this sling, it is made with a snag-free, easy-grip, non-slip perfection. The comfort is not of the highest, but it is padded so that it is not uncomfortable to use. 

Magpul has been progressively focused on efficiency, simplicity, and innovative designs; from the padded sling, it is clear they have perfected their focus. These have become their principles over the years, and every product is made to be precisely those; efficient and straightforward, the MS1 is brilliant. 

Tactile and easy to use, this is a great contender for being the best sling. Made of the highest quality materials, and by adding the correct adapter, you can transform this into a 1-point functional sling. 

After extreme testing, it went through sandy, wet and dry conditions and came out the other end in excellent condition. Through 72 hours, it didn't slip at all in any conditions; after being swam with, hiked, jumped, and even hunted, it shows its durability under any circumstances.


After seeing the top 6 rifle slings above, have you found the one you need to bring stability and an effortless hike to your hunt? Every sling you have seen can benefit you depending on what part of the hunt you want to make easier. 

Choose a sling to give your shoulder a lighter load; by evenly distributing the weight across your body, it provides up to 50% weight relief and gives you the energy to hike further, shoot longer and push forward as you've never done before. 

The sling easily attaches to your weapon at either end so that you can be hands-free to use your optics to easily spot prey, dangers, and hunting spots, without the worry that you might drop your weapon. 

Never prop your gun up against a tree again; you can have the gun on your body without really feeling its weight. Safety first, and fun just behind. A sling will help you achieve both, give it a chance, and be amazed by the results.