Burris AR-332 Review

Do you want long-range, consistent clarity in the imagery and the highest quality without breaking the bank? Then the Burris AR-332 is the scope for you, and we hope you think so too! After being vigorously tested across the board, it is now an extremely well-sought scope. While it does not look like the prettiest packaged optic, it was initially under-appreciated and overlooked; once it was picked up on by some avid outdoor enthusiasts, it was very quickly shown to be of high quality and fantastic overall.

Burris Ar 332 Prism Sight Multi Coated Optics 1.5 Inch

Features of the Burris

Quick Specs


Eye Relief

2.5 inches

Wind Adjustment


Linear FOV (low zoom)


Elevation Adjustment


Objective Diameter


The Set-Up

Every person who has purchased a scope will know that the first thing you want to do is take it to the range and break it in. With most scopes, you can expect a long and tedious zeroing process; however, you will have a smooth and easy time lining up that sight with the Burris. 

In less than 30 seconds, you will have the accuracy that you have never had before. It will hold its zero through so much; after being thoroughly tested, it has shown that it will not shift even after 500 shots fired and multiple times being unmounted. 

The mounting of the scope can be tiresome and a little tricky, but with its integrated base, it is easier than some on the market; you will not have to worry about and ring; it is all self-contained. 

Programming the scope is easy to perform as long as the manual is followed to avoid any errors, a single read-through, and you should have a great understanding of everything you need to do.

The Reticle

The glowing red reticle provides excellent assistance for those 500+ yard shots that should be difficult to hit, but you will do it with ease with the built-in BDC with this illumination. All it takes is minimal setup, and you can spend hours making your new personal best on the range. Without setup, you can find that the crosshair can be dim; using the adjustable turret, you can alter the brightness quickly while looking down the sight right at your target. 

The illumination can last months with the excellent battery life that Burris has to offer! That being said, you never have to worry about having no reticle at all, as even if your illumination does die during a hunt, you do have the smaller black reticle during all daylight hours to provide accuracy still. 

With the red glowing reticle being the biggest draw to consumers, it has been thoroughly tried and tested, and therefore it now comes with some great tips that will help you make the most out of its features. When it comes to close quarters, many have said that the red reticle can get in the way and also that the fixed magnification can impede its use at under 100 yards. 

You can turn the magnification off to use in close quarters, and the Burris' 3x gives you the perfect amount of zoom for 75-yard targets. You can even shoot with both eyes open, a feature exclusive to high-end ACOG's, well not anymore. There is no reason to have to buy the most expensive scope when you can have the best for a lot less. 

The reticle comes with a built-in stabilizer for those long-distance shots; with the bullet drop compensator, you will barely notice you have pulled the trigger. The glass reticle is Hi Lume coated and crystal clear for the best-transmitted light and minimum glare that shows the quality without even trying. It is like looking through the best 4k display, and nothing will compare. 

If you look at the reticle, you will see that every dot has a meaning; at zero wind, each dot will give an accurate representation of the distance to the target; see the manual for a precise diagram of each dot. With such a detailed reticle, it is no wonder that people buy built-in variable scopes and that professionals worldwide use them. 

Weather is the biggest enemy of any hunter; having to painstakingly adjust the glare every time the sun shines can be time-consuming. The Burris is designed to save time, and you can now change reticle colors and illumination instantly. 

They engineered their own 10-position rotary power selector to minimize time and provide you with instant alterations for the on-the-go hunter. Due to the eye relief being a mere 2.5 inches, it, unfortunately, can be uncomfortably close for some people; however, the crips vision is a perfect example of how fantastic prism optics can be. 

Prism optics allow for the fast acquisition of targets in CQB situations and are brilliantly sophisticated. Giving a clean switch between 200 - 300 yards, this magnification is just incredible and transitions so beautifully you won't notice.

Burris’ Turrets

What is the one thing that you know happens all the time, and yet we can never find a way to stop it from happening? That's right, losing every single turret cap! It is painstaking, never being able to find them after putting them somewhere safe. 

The Burris has changed the whole game by attaching both turret clips to a steel cable. Unfortunately, this scope does not have tactile turrets. 

Therefore, it is more time-consuming when adjusting for windage and elevation; disappointing compared to other scopes with similar specs. However, even with this disadvantage, it could also be a silver lining; no tactile turrets mean less risk of user error when mounting.


The Burris is nitrogen purged, sealed with an O-Ring, and has a hard coat of anodized armor that gives all the protection needed. By purging the whole unit in nitrogen, it allows for an anti-fog guarantee while the nitrogen remains; it also assists with being completely waterproof. The Burris is sealed. 

The nitrogen cannot escape; this allows for the clearest sight even with sudden temperature changes; no fogging of the lens, no water leaking in, is designed to keep perfection in all scenarios. Lastly, being nitrogen purged will keep the fear of mold away so long as the seal remains since moist air cannot penetrate the interior and no mold can grow. 

Being specially designed for the AR-15, you can be assured that the whole design is built with sturdiness, high-quality and pure genius in mind. An anodized aerospace aluminum creation is exceptionally sturdy, and it can keep up with the hours of shooting that you know you want to experience. 

While it is bulky and quite heavy, it is worth the additional weight on your setup. For a sleek design, this is unfortunately not the one for you, but while it is long and chunky, it has so many amazing features that outway the bad. 

Being weather resistant is essential in a scope; if it can't survive wind and rain, it isn't worth purchasing. The Burris is built to survive broad weather and even a few scuffs, which will inevitably happen with heavy outdoor use.


While many scopes have troubleshooting issues, this does not have many. However, let us go through them to make sure you are fully aware of every aspect of this optic. The first, as mentioned earlier, is the programming. 

As long as the manual is read and understood, then there should be no issues, but some do run into fundamental matters as it does require programming. Unfortunately, if you are looking for a necessary scope and nothing technical, this is not the scope. 

Some consumers have experienced issues with the original battery after only a short time of having them. If any issues do persist, then you have the lifetime warranty to fall back on.

Is The AR-332 For You?

If you want the best reticle display, illumination, and durability, then this is the scope for you. It is a no-risk purchase that should give you the confidence to buy and try. The Burris Forever warranty is the best on the market; no other warranty transfers ownership, nor does it say that no receipt is necessary. 

It covers any accidental damage and defects. In contrast, it does not cover any deliberate damage, cosmetic damage, and, unfortunately, theft. It is a great warranty that is fully transferable to the new owner. You have to pay for the shipping to return the item for inspection and repairs/replacements, but the full cost will be returned. 

The rights that this warranty gives the buyer can vary from state to state, so ensure thoroughly researching your rights to avoid disappointment. With everything that this scope offers, it is by far the best CQB scope to be seen. Not only does it have fast zeroing, maintains the zero, and comes with a crystal clear, well-detailed reticle, it even comes with Picatinny rails free. 

Picatinny rails usually are a purchasable extra with any other scope, allowing for any scope's easy placement. A warranty is almost unnecessary for all of its durability, but the Burris Forever warranty covers you if the unfortunate should occur. 

Not only is it exchangeable to any future owner should you not keep this forever, but there is no receipt needed. Should you need a replacement or repair from accidental damage or if it becomes defective, then all you need is to contact Burris directly, send it off free of charge, and they will cover all the costs. 

Sounds like the dream? It is even better; it's reality. Tried and tested, you can send it back within 30 days for a full refund with the amazon return policy. Although, we do not think you will be returning this once you try it. With the easy setup and perfect precision, you will be able to unbox, head to the range, and set up in record time. 

If you have the right gun for this scope, then this is the optic for you; all the features are in your grasp. Do you want them?



  • Fantastic and clear optics for accurate vision
  • Bullet drop compensation to maintain the zero hold
  • Red and green illuminated reticle
  • Ten brightness settings
  • Sturdy and built to withstand anything that is thrown at it
  • Fantastic battery life
  • Fast target acquisition, gain from the ring reticle.


  • Only a 2.5-inch eye relief
  • The red dot is hard to use with fixed magnification.
  • Narrow field of view
  • Bulky and heavy scope
  • The reticle can be too small for some.