Hawke Optics Scopes Review

Newer than most scope manufacturers, Hawke Optics is a UK-established company with clients across the USA and many other countries, roughly 20 years old. Still, even with its youth in the business, it has become one of the best and most respected manufacturers on the market. A family-run establishment that prides itself on listening to its consumers and making improvements whenever it can. Let's review the best scopes that they offer and which one could be right for you.

About Hawke

Before purchasing from a company, it is always good to research the company itself; exploring it gives an insight into their ethics, ideology and to see if they are a company that provides what you need. Hawke started in a garage over 40 years ago; with very humble beginnings, it is easy to see why they take so much care of their customers. 

Every optic is carefully designed and made with the user in mind; by listening to the consumer, they have regular updates and redesigned their products to be better than the last. High quality and high care in every piece. By distributing all over the work, you don't have to worry about moving and not getting the same quality products. 

Their motto is 'vision accomplished,' and you can easily see why by experiencing the Hawke range. They always create every optic with their founder's enthusiasm and passion, and they have never failed to design a masterpiece. 

Thoroughly tested and tried, you will not be disappointed with whichever you choose; the three below are their best rifle scopes and the mount you will need if you don't already have one. You would be crazy not to give one a shot.

Hawke Optic Scope Features

They are certainly leading the market across the board with such a large variety of scopes, starting with simple binoculars, crossbow scope, riflescopes, and almost everything else needed for viewing. Every Hawke scope is inspired and based on innovative features that have made each easier to use. 

Sleek and lightweight, they appeal to all outdoorsmen, with a professional and high-quality finish, and all are easy to adjust. With first and second focal planes on some scopes, you can switch between the two to find the sight that works best. 

Overall, throughout the reviews, it is easy to see why many people love them, and with these scopes being all reasonably priced, it's even easier to see why. 

Consumers rate all of their scopes as near perfection. Every time provides an idea into the quality. It is shown even more by their lifetime warranty that accompanies every riflescope.

Hawke Optics Compared To Its Competitors?

Many outdoor enthusiasts will be wondering how the Hawke Optics fair compared to their two main competitors, Nikon and Bushnell, and other brands' scopes. Every brand will follow loyal customers who believe their brand can never be beaten; Nikon following may believe that nothing can beat a Nikons crystal clear camera lens. 

Hawke's competitors are generally priced higher, and it is often said that price reflects quality; Hawke is here to prove them wrong. 

Hawkes' standard optics scope will have the same features, sometimes more, than the higher end of the competitor's scope. While Bushnell does have the best warranty, which no one will argue, Hawke has many notable factors compared to others.

The Best Hawke Optics

Hawke scopes have such a wide range of optics that they are virtually ideal for all rifles. Depending on your hunting or shooting style, it will show what type of rifle and scope you need, and therefore you should read on further to find exactly that. 

You will see all of the features and learn which Hawke scope is the one for your rifle and which aren't. With Hawkes being well known for its fantastic quality and limitless potential, it speaks for itself in every way. 

It leads the market by giving high-quality features on even its smallest scopes; that way, even the underdog has a chance at brilliance on the range. 

Below you will see which one is the one for you, comparing their size, reticle, turrets, and even magnification. Everyone is different, and each one will provide a different perfection; all sleek, all breathtaking, the decision is yours.

1: Hawke Sport Optics Sidewinder 30

Amongst the strongest contender is the sidewinder, never disappointing and suitable for so many. Could this be the scope you need? Illuminated in red and green, this side focus 6-24x56 with ½ mil dot IR scope is perfect for long-range shooting, and that is why it abides by a particular set of requirements when it comes to optics. 

The large 4-inch side wheel and a coil erector spring give you the stability you need to shoot that target from a great distance. Its large design may be off-putting for those who want a sleek and small optic, but its size does not deter many; its size provides strong and comfortable usage.

With such a large space for scope rings, you can comfortably use the sidewinder for hours without any need for rest or any aching. Having a first and second focal plane will help differing optics without the need for multiple scopes; while neither is better than the other, you can switch between the two with ease to suit everyone.

2: Hawke Sport Optics Vantage

The vantage has a 1-inch mono-tube chassis and is 3-9x40 AO Mil dot, ensuring that the 11 multi-coated layers of optics always provide crystal clear clarity when looking for that target and that the scope remains strong for hours of endless use. It is fully adjustable with a fast focus eyeball and high torque zoom. 

It is clearer than ever before; no delay on the focus means switching between targets is even easier and faster. The glass-etched Mil-dot has red or green illumination. It is much more precise than a wire reticle. It offers a better target acquisition; with an etched glass reticle, there will be no reflection from the illumination, whereas a wired reticle may cause some distraction.

An adjustable objective allows for a guide as to the range of a target. The ¼ MOA snag-free fingertip turrets will provide fast and easy adjustments, with no need to ever worry about a slow sight adjustment. 

This scope is very lightweight and will add virtually no weight on top of your rifle, airsoft gun, or airgun. This high-quality and high definition optic, with its high-end features, is a fantastic choice for your rifle. This is a basic rifle scope with features designed to maximize your potential and will deliver performance.

3: Hawke Sport Optics HD

This updated scope has undergone some upgrades since its predecessor, and its durability is outstanding. The ¼ MOA delivers crisp and clear clicks so that you barely notice the adjustment. The front-wheel adjustable objective can change from 9 yards to the moon with a simple click and clarity like never before. 

Where it does start to lose its range guidance past 50 yards due to its low-powered nature, but for most airgun users, you will rarely need range past 50 yards, but up to that, you can have confidence in the AO's readings on your target. 

The 50mm objective lens lets in so much light and provides such clarity in the picture; the negative here is that you must use a high mount, and depending on your rear sight, you may also have to remove that. This does not make it the easiest to use, but it still has impressive functions that allow for its one downfall. 

Like all Hawke scopes, you can mount them on any of the springers in your collection without fear; this scope is spring gun-rated so that they will fit any springer. The reticle has also been changed to a glass-etched rather than wired; this means razor-thin crosshairs and increases its durability. The illumination also provides no color splash now that it is not wired, so you get all the great features of this sight but with no quality loss. 

It boasts an incredible range with three different magnification levels; the reticle does not cover when using the magnification, which is rare for something that can provide so many levels. 

Not one of Hawke's most immense scopes, but it is up there; you will not need to remove the rear sight like with some others, but you may need to be prepared for the weight it could add to your rifle, air gun, or airsoft gun. 

Heavy but not unbearable, be sure to find a comfortable fit that works with your movements; weight will affect your range of motion, so while it could slow you slightly, it will certainly up your game with crystal explicit imagery.

Hawke Sport Optics Rifle Scope Mount

Even once you have chosen your ideal scope, you may still need a scope mount; what is better than one specifically designed by the same company as your new scope. With allen keys included with this mount and no thread stripping, you can easily apply the mount to your rifle and place your scope in the brackets with ease.

Hawke Limited Lifetime Guarantee

Now that you have hopefully found the right scope and mount for you, be sure to read up on Hawkes guarantee to know precisely what covers you and where. With every purchase of a Hawke rifle scope, spotting scope, set of binoculars, you are given a lifetime warranty; Hawke will repair it at no cost to the consumer should it become damaged or defective at any point. 

To use the warranty, you have to ensure that you are the original owner with the original proof of purchase from January 1st, 2018 onwards; for any purchases before this date, you will need to refer to the handbook that came with it for instructions on your warranty. 

If keeping a receipt can be tricky, you can register your purchase online with Hawke, and should anything happen; you can be found on their system. 

The guarantee does not extend to any deliberate damage, cover the loss or theft, or cosmetic damage so long as it does not hinder the product's performance. While any range finders, mounts, cameras, and other accessories are not covered under this guarantee, they are covered by a two-year warranty.


A common mistake for buyers is that they don't take the time to get to know their scope and don't utilize their full potential. To make the most out of these scopes, you need to be sure that you zero them in at under 100 yards, just like the Nikon Prostaff scope, before you go on to aim further. 

It is advised to start at 10 yards to ensure that the optics are misaligned; you can adjust until you find that sweet spot. 

Keep your breathing slow and steady to get your mark, but utilizing these basics, you are sure to reach the maximum accuracy that you can muster. By using the Hawkes mount, you can achieve the steadiest control with no recoil in the lens.